[Book] Azure Bicep - Zero to Hero is complete

Finally! I published the final chapter in my book Azure Bicep - Zero to Hero today. I started this project more than a year ago with an intention that I will complete it before end of year 2021. However, a few personal life events made me shift focus to my family and that pushed the book timelines to the right. In the last few weeks, I spent good amount of my personal time to explore a few new areas within Bicep and formed the content for the last few chapters.

So far, this book has 40 readers. As promised earlier, I have not taken a single penny from this book revenue for my personal use. All proceeds will go to charity once I hit 100 readers (whatever that amount may be).

Here is the overall table of contents.

  • Introduction
    • Infrastructure As Code
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Why Bicep
    • Introducing Bicep
    • Summary
  • Getting Started
    • Installing Bicep CLI
    • Authoring Bicep templates
    • First Bicep template
    • Compiling and deploying Bicep templates
    • Summary
  • Working with resources
    • Defining resources
    • Resource dependencies
    • Child resources
    • Extension Resources
    • Reference existing resources
    • Scoped resource deployment
    • Summary
  • Authoring reusable templates
    • Parameters
    • Parameter decorators
    • Output
    • Generating Parameter files
    • Summary
  • Variables, function, and expressions
    • Summary
  • Iterations and Conditions
    • Iterations
    • Sequential deployments
    • Conditional deployments
    • Combining iterations and conditions
    • Summary
  • Creating and Consuming Modules
    • Creating modules
    • Consuming modules
    • Iterations and conditions
    • Deploying at multiple scopes
    • Sharing modules
    • Module aliases
    • Summary
  • Developing Bicep templates in VS Code devcontainers
    • Visual Studio Code Development Containers
    • GitHub Codespaces
    • Summary
  • CI and CD of Bicep templates
    • Customizing linter rules
    • Build and deploy
    • A local pipeline
    • GitHub actions for CI/CD
    • Summary
  • Built-in function primer
    • any function
    • loadJsonContent function
    • getSecret function
    • Summary

Hope you find this book helpful. You can leave your feedback as comments on this page!

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