Speaking at Global Azure Bootcamp India 2021

Global Azure Bootcamp is happening this year from April 15th to 17th as an online event. And, I will be speaking this year. I submitted a couple of sessions and the Azure Bicep session got accepted.

So, what is Azure Bicep?

Azure Bicep is the Domain-Specific Language (DSL) and a transparent abstraction built on top of Azure Resource Manager (ARM). The intention behind this project is to simplify authoring ARM templates. Bicep language transpiles into an ARM template JSON which you can deploy using already well-known methods and your existing CI/CD pipelines.

What is this session about?

My session at the Global Azure Bootcamp will be about understanding Bicep language and getting started with writing some basic to advanced Bicep files.

I can’t wait to demonstrate what I have been building with Bicep! See you there.

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