Azure Community Conference - 2020

Azure Community Conference is a 3 day multi-track virtual event scheduled to go live on November 24th 2020. This event is being organized by the Bangalore Azure User Group. The target audience of this virtual event are cloud and web developers working with open source and cloud native technologies on the Microsoft stack. This event will be a free two conference days that includes a free workshop as well. Registration for this event is open.

This event already has got a super-star line up of speakers including Janakiram MSV, James Montemagno, Dhananjay Kumar, Lars Klint, and Neependra Khare to name just a few. I will be speaking as well on one of my most favorite topics in the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) space. If you want to speak, the call of papers is still open.

Whether you are an expert or still a learner (a life long learner like me), go ahead and register for this event. I am sure there is loads of learning coming our way!

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